Unity in the greater community starts in our own homes and around our own tables.  We want to support families by giving women the opportunity to earn flexible, casual income as independant contractors making One Nation products.


We are very motivated to help women generate income with flexible scheduling that allows them to be as available as possible to their loved ones. While much of our product preparation is done as a community, it is also possible for women to sew at home, tailoring their productivity around their family's schedule on their own terms.​

Promoting unity within families, our community, and our nation is a goal for all One Nation Exchange activities.  

We are focused on creating opportunities for intercultural exchange, training & employment for women representative of Canada's diverse cultures.


Our current focus is on sewing, beading, & textiles, creating beautiful bags and other products.  Women are given the opportunity to learn sewing machine operation and the steps involved in making our products.

We are all connected.  If our children see us eating together, laughing together, and sharing our stories, it will be natural for them to grow up together as one nation. How we set the table together today will determine the atmosphere around the table when our children sit down to join us.

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children." - Sitting Bull

will determine the atmosphere around the table when our children sit down to join us.

Intercultural Experiences

In 2015, Indigenous and new immigrant mothers in Winnipeg's North End met weekly for 6 weeks to share common ground: our childhood experiences, values taught by the people who raised us, and values we want our own children to cultivate and embrace.  We ate each others' food, learned phrases from each others' languages, shared stories, and created together. This project was then celebrated with a community "Bread and Bannock Fest". 

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